Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Reimagining Documentation and Coding Paradigms To Work Better Together

September 28, 12:30 ET

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What You Will Learn

  • How technology can be embedded in the workflow reduce the administrative burden on clinicians & CDI teams
  • How streamlining workflows can improve outcomes, increase reimbursement, and reduce burnout

About the Webinar

The stress of the pandemic and clinician shortage, coupled with an ever-increasing workload, has taken its toll on healthcare workers. Inefficiencies in the workflow exacerbate this problem, and make their work even harder. A prime example of inefficiency is the coding and billing process, where clinicians and HIM professionals often go back-and-forth to find the proper diagnosis codes. Using accurate diagnosis codes ensures clinicians adequately document for a patients’ condition and can help improve outcomes. However, clinicians and HIM professionals spend days or weeks deciding on the proper diagnosis code. This retrospective approach to documentation improvement forces clinicians to rely on their memory from weeks ago, which may negatively impact treatment plans. Additionally, this interrupts HIM professionals' workflow, delays reimbursement, and adds duplicative work that contributes to clinician burnout. How can we address these issues without increasing the workload?

In this webinar, healthcare technology experts will share how technology can be used early in the workflow to make it faster and easier for clinicians to input accurate diagnosis codes directly into the patient chart. Panelists will discuss how reducing duplicative work and streamlining processes can improve outcomes, increase reimbursement, and reduce clinician workload and, consequently, burnout.


Subha Airan-Javia, MD, FAMIA                     
Founder & CEO, CareAlign                                                
Hospitalist & Informaticist, Penn Medicine

Dale Sanders                                                     
Chief Strategy Officer, Intelligent Medical Objects


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